Thanks to all who helped to vote. Looks like Dayreans prefer blue more while IGers prefer pink. So I’m back to square one. 😂 Or maybe I should get both since I will need another one to rotate while one is in the wash. Or should I get a Tula? Aiyo.. why so headache one? [...]

Help me choose.. Pink or... Blue?? My heart actually goes to the Blue cos I’m not a pink person, and this blue seems to be able to match my dressing better. Furthermore, it doesn’t get dirty that easily. Someone’s in a super good mood today. 😍

Nutella baby 😆 Sexy back yo! Lunch with my fam before heading to the airport. Gonna miss them, don’t know when I’ll be heading back to Penang again. Happy 10th Pak Tor Anniversary to my hubs. Every year we will go back to the Mac outlet where we first started. Skipped this year and last [...]