Survived first night without my mum. Damn stressed cos the hubs slept like a log. I woke up to feed Baby R and pump and he didn’t even move a bit. 🙄 Love her Brown PJ which sis bought back from Seoul while I was still preggy. Finally out of our hotel room to settle [...]

Pinkish BM 😱

Got the shock of my life when I was about to keep the BM to the fridge. I didn’t even realise when I was expressing. Other than the other time when Baby R was still barely a week old when I have cracked nipple, this is the first time I have pinkish BM. Why like [...]

Baby R’s first flip

Baby R had her first flip today. Woohoo! 👏🏻🎉 But then again, means I can no longer anyhow put her anywhere haha 😅 #dayremummies That innocent look when Mum tried to trim her hair this morning. 😆 #iamrenelle Out for a while to go grocery shopping. Candid shot... Wah I look damn fierce haha 😈 [...]