Dayre gone for good?

Was it my sixth sense? Never knew my sixth sense could be so on point.

I was just posting about my plan to back up my remaining posts on Dayre to my WP yesterday morning. Never expect that to be my last post.

If only I have the luxury to action on it immediately as I said so. 🙁 Then I wouldn’t have lost my over 1 months worth of posts. Many people may perceive someone who’s on maternity leave on being damn free. My hubs being one of them. Haiz..

This is totally not true. My hands are kept busy the moment the little human is up till the moment she finally sleep for the day. Like now, I could finally gather and pen down my thoughts while the little one is dozing away and I’m pumping.

I was out for a short break to meet up with a gal friend for a cuppa yesterday afternoon and I was just reminding her to backup her Dayre posts which she hasn’t done yet apparently. She tried to email the Dayre support team today and seems that the email is no longer in existence. Reckon the Dayre team may have just ran off without notifying us on a proper closure.

Little did I realised Dayre seems to be already down since after lunch yesterday.

Tried again today and the page is still not loading. I guess this is it. Dayre has gone into the history of social media.

When we first heard about the news on closure of Dayre by end Feb on 8 February, many of us were busy thinking of alternatives platform where we can continue to do our micro-blogging.

When most of us kind of established alternatives as well as done our backups (all thanks to a kind soul, the dayre exporter), someone of us slowly went back to Dayre as we were very hopeful that Dayre gonna stay.

Furthermore, the Dayre Team did not give any official revised date for the closure following the extension.

Oh well, guess we were all being too hopeful. 🙁

Anyway, how’s my first day without Dayre? Surprisingly, it was pretty ok for me.

Just that, I can’t help wondering what the rest of the Dayreans that I followed are doing; what they are buying; how is everyone coping without Dayre; any withdrawal syndrome?

What really irks me is why can’t the Dayre team be more responsible? At least tell us when is the D Day so that all of us won’t be called by surprise. Ok, enough of my rant.

Bye Dayre. Bye for good.